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Ag Loans

Town and Country Bank Midwest offers every type of lending you might need to keep your farm or ranch operational, allow it to expand, or upgrade equipment. We know your time is valuable and our #1 goal is to ensure a hassle-free loan process with the best terms we can possibly provide for you. 


  • We know you need answers and decisions in a timely manner
  • We know the future of your farm requires a good working relationship with your lender
  • We take great pride in working as hard for you as you work on your farm


The great difference in getting an agricultural loan from Town and Country Bank Midwest is that you will use the same loan officer for any loan you work with us on. You will not have to work separately with an agricultural loan officer with us. This allows us to have the most personal relationship with you that we can, understanding your finances across the spectrum. 


Looking to buy a farm for the first time? Contact us and we can help you figure out all the complicated steps required to do so. We would love to hear from you!