History of Town & Country Bank Midwest

Town & Country Bank formerly known as South Side Bank changed its name and moved to its current location in Quincy, IL in August of 1973. The South Side Bank was created on April 9, 1910, occupying a small space in Garrelt’s paint and wallpaper store at 813 State and operated as the South Side Branch Bank. The bank grew and moved its operation to 432 south Eighth, and then to the Northwest corner of State and Eighth in 1924. The bank was incorporated in December 1920 as South Side Savings Bank, but the name was changed in 1933 to the South Side Bank of Quincy.

The bank has changed ownership several times, but in the early 70s, it was purchased by Dean Phillips and remains to this day a locally owned bank under that same ownership. There have been several changes in operation including a branch opened in the Quincy Mall in 1998, and a branch bank located in Payson Illinois. Two grocery store branches have come and gone as the needs of the community and the bank have grown and changed. The merger of the Quincy location with two Missouri locations was completed on June 21st, 2013. The purchase and subsequent merger of The State Bank of Lima into the bank was completed in July 2015.

But no matter the updates, changes, and additions the bank continues to operate as a locally owned community entity. We endeavor with your support to grow and most of all to meet the needs of the community and our greatest assets, our customers.