Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Banking?

Online banking allows our customers to manage their checking and savings accounts and transactions on our secured website. You must have a computer and internet service. To obtain your login credentials, visit your local branch.

What can I do with Online Banking?

Town and Country Bank Midwest allows our customers to manage their accounts and schedule and send payments to businesses and individuals.

Is any of my personal information stored in the Online Banking product?

We have several layers of security to protect our customers' accounts. For more information on our security measures, please contact your local branch.

How current is my banking information?

Current banking information is displayed. This includes the current balance of the account, the available balance of the account (adjusted to show items that will be posted at the end of the current business day), and historical and memo-posted transactions. In the event that current banking information is unavailable, a note will be displayed to indicate the date and time of the information being displayed.

What accounts will I be able to access through Online Banking?

Our customers at Town and Country Bank Midwest are able to manage their checking and savings accounts through our website.

Can I schedule future transfers?

Yes, you are able to schedule future transfers and payments.

When can I use online banking services?

Once you have filled out the Online Banking Application and have been given your login credentials, you can use the services 24 hours a day.

What is required to use the Online Banking service?

You must fill out an application and turn into a bank associate. We ask that you wait to sign the form once you are with our bank associate. At that time, they will provide you with log-in credentials (log-in and password).

How do I access Online Banking?

Click on the "Login to Online Banking" link in the upper right hand corner of the site or login to online banking here.

Can I create my own password that is easy for me to remember?

A temporary password will be issued by the bank; you will then be prompted to change your password immediately upon login.

What happens if I forget or lose my password?

If you are having troubles with your password, please contact the bank. Upon positive identification, we will help you to reset your current password.

How do I order checks?

Please contact the bank and we will assist you in ordering new checks.

Why can't I login to my online banking account?

If you have not logged into your account in 30 days, the account locks for your protection. Please contact the bank and we will provide new log-in credentials. We ask our customers to log-in at least once a month.

What are your hours?

We have various hours to help serve our customers. See our Locations page for more information.

Does Town & Country Bank Midwest have a notary?

Yes, a notary is located in all branches. There is a minimal charge for notary services.

Does Town & Country Bank Midwest offer safe deposit boxes?

Yes, we offer various sizes of safe deposit boxes. View sizes and costs of safe deposit boxes here.